Medtronic - Elecrosurgery
FT10 – ValleyLab™ FT10 Energy Platform
FX8 – ValleyLab™ FX8 Energy Platform
ValleyLab™ LS10 Generator
ValleyLab™ Smoke Evacuation
Electrosurgical Electrodes
Patient Return Electrodes
Electrosurgical Pencils
Medtronic - Zavarivanje krvnih žila
LigaSure™ - Instruments
Sonicision™ Curved Jaw Cordless Ultrasonic Dissection System
Medtronic - Kirurški stapleri
Open Surgical Staplers
TriStaple™ Technology
Endoscopic Stapling
Medtronic - Trocars
VersaOne™ Access System
Fascial Closure System
Thoracic Trocars
SILS™ Port
Medtronic - Endoscopic and Ligation Devices
Endoscopic and Ligation Devices
Clip Appliers - Non-Absorbable Clips
Open Ligation Devices
Endoscopic Suturing Devices
Hand Instruments & Ligation Devices
Medtronic - Kirurški konci i mrežice
Absorbable Sutures
Non-Absorbable Sutures
Barbed Sutures - V-Loc™
Indermil®/flexifuze™ Tissue Adhesive
Veriset™ Hemostatic Patch
Wound Closure Accessories
Medtronic - Hernia
Hernia Repair Mesh Products
Fixation Products
Permacol™ Surgical Implant
Access and Dissection Devices
Medtronic - Medical supplies
Intubation & Airway Management Accessories
Tracheostomy Care Equipment
Temperature Management
Dialysis Access & Maintenance Solutions
Medtronic - Truclear
TruClear™ Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal System
Elite Hysteroscopes
5C Hysteroscope Set
Medtronic - Visualization Solutions
Laparoscopic Tower
EleVision™ IR Platform
Medtronic - Ablation Systems
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